Solitaire Pro

by AI Factory Limited


3.49 usd

Beautiful customisable Klondike challenge - 3 levels, 1 or 3 card draw!

★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★ AI Factorys Solitaire brings the popular card game Solitaire (also known as Klondike and Patience) to Google Play. Enjoy a well-crafted game of Solitaire with lots of play options – 1 or 3 card draw / standard scoring, no scoring or Vegas / 3 difficulty levels or random deals / statistics / undo / left-handed or right-handed layout / choice of gorgeous graphics or enhance with your own images. Immerse yourself in Solitaire… (This version is the same as free version, but with advertising removed)Featuring:- Random/Easy/Medium/Hard levels- Achievements and Leaderboards (via Google Play Games)- Solutions viewable for non-Random games- Standard & Vegas scoring- 1 card draw / 3 card draw- Select from 4 different card sets, 4 card backs and many backgrounds or…- Select your own photos to use as a background or card back!- Tap to move cards- Both landscape & portrait supported on resolutions above 320x240- Game stats- Undo & Hints- Game Rules & Help- Designed for both Tablet and PhoneMinor updates

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bought because I liked their chess pro. plenty of solitaire apps to choose from. don't think you'll find any better.

Andrew H

It helps to pass the time.

Trev V

After 3300+ consecutive wins it reset my stats. Other than that it's a typical solitaire game

Voir Hillaire

Even though I've plenty of addictive solitaire games on my PC I've not found anything I like to play here. They're either too easy or hard to use. This is the best one as I can adjust the difficulty, tweak the rules & it automatically move the card columns if I choose. You can quickly & super easily customize the background & card backs whenever you fancy, which I found fun. So this very basic & common card game fit the challenges I was looking for in a solitaire card game app.


I love having no ads!! I do wish O could change themes or have larger print... wow.. I just I'm getting old.

Heather Hull

Really enjoy playing, but I wish there was a way to not show the score at the top of the screen, similar to the way you can choose to not show time and moves.

Alex Wright

Paid for the game and used it for quite a while then I couldn't access it anymore and was then requested to pay for it again. Rip off Okay paid for it again and now can't play it unless I sign in to google play. Never use to be like this. I accept this is probably related to google play malfunction but still very frustrating.

Robert Langworthy

I love the fact that this is pay once and play forever&you can customize it, why I gave 5 stars, but the longer I play, I find the win ratio is really bad. Even on easy, decks are very tricky to win. One wrong move and you'll never win. I have been playing solitaire for decades&can win w/effort, but when I want to quickly pass time mindlessly on easy, I find I'm always stuck starting a new game&I'm not enjoying the gameplay. I enjoy other solitaire game algorithms much better. Would be perfect.

Stephanie Rose

It plays. It functions

Donna L Tomaw


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